The Prague Pied Piper

The Prague Rat is a breed of dog that is popular in many countries around the world. These small dogs are great companions who get attached to their owners and are happy to sit on their laps. The Prague Pied Piper was created to hunt rats and is now a great companion in life.

Breed description

The Prague Rat is a small dog breed that weighs 1.5 to 3 kilograms and has a height at withers of 18 to 22 cm. They have a small square body and a short, smooth coat. Colors can vary from black to white, and the color can be spotted or striped. It is very important to emphasize that the coat of the Prague Rat does not require special care, regular brushing is enough.


The Prague Rat is a very affectionate and loving breed that is highly socialized. They are very attached to their owners and require a lot of attention and care. In a social environment, these dogs can be quite active and social, so they need to provide plenty of time for play and walks. They are not very suitable for homes with young children, as the dog may accidentally harm a young child.


The Prague Rat is a dog breed that does not require much care, but still needs some procedures to keep it healthy and beautiful. It is very important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent oral disease and tartar. In addition, the ears should be checked regularly and cleaned of dirt and wax. Prague raters are very active, so they need to be provided with enough space to play and walk around. Regular hair trimming and claw trimming are also recommended.

Nutrition and Health

The Prague Rat’s nutrition should be appropriate for its size. It is recommended to choose food for small dog breeds that contain sufficient proteins and other necessary nutrients. It is important not to overfeed the dog and control its weight.

Prague Rat Dogs are usually healthy, but may be subject to some diseases that are common to small dog breeds. One of these is pulmonary hypertension, which can lead to breathing and heart problems. Dental and gum problems can also occur, so it is very important to watch your dog’s oral care.

How long does the Prague Pied Piper live?

The Prague Rat is a relatively long-lived dog breed, with an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. However, like all dog breeds, longevity can depend on many factors such as genetics, grooming, nutrition, activity level, and the presence of diseases. Therefore, it is very important to provide your pet with proper care, proper nutrition, and regular vet visits to maximize their life span and ensure that they live a healthy and happy life.

Top 10 facts about the Prague Pied Piper:

  • The Prague Pied Piper is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. They are between 18 and 22 cm tall at the withers and weigh between 1.5 and 3 kg.
  • Their history comes from the Czech Republic, where they were bred in the 1980s by crossing the Ratlik and Maltese Bologna.
  • The name of the breed comes from their original function of hunting rats.
  • The Prague Rats are very social dogs that are very attached to their owners. They can be quite active and need plenty of exercise and walks.
  • They are a breed of dog that does not shed, and their coats are short and smooth. However, they do require regular coat care, including weekly brushing and bathing when necessary.
  • Prague Rat Dogs are fairly intelligent dogs that learn new commands and tricks easily. They are also well suited for competition in training and command execution.
  • They have a high energy level and can be quite active, so it is not recommended to keep them in an apartment without going outside.
  • Prague Rat Dogs are very attached to their owners and are not well suited for homes with small children, as they may accidentally harm a small child.
  • This breed can suffer from oral diseases, so it is very important to brush regularly and keep your teeth healthy.
  • The Prague Rat is a fairly rare breed of dog, so if you decide to get one, it may take time and effort to find a good breeder and the right puppy.


The Prague Rat is a small dog breed that can make a great companion and lifelong friend. They are very social and attached to their owners dogs that need regular walks and exercise. Their coat is short and smooth, and does not require much care. But proper nutrition and regular dental and oral care for the dog are necessary. It is also important to remember that the Prague Rat may not be suitable for families with young children and requires enough attention and care. If you are willing to take on the responsibility of keeping this breed of dog, you will provide yourself with a loyal and wonderful friend for years to come.