The Zwergschnauzer is a dog breed that belongs to the Schnauzer group. Dogs of this breed have a straight, hard coat that requires regular grooming. They are distinguished by their compact size and muscular, well-proportioned figure. Zwergschnauzers have a broad skull and a strong jaw that allows them to bite and fight easily.

Breed characteristics

Character: Zwergschnauzers are happy, cheerful, and friendly dogs. They love to socialize with people and are highly socially competent. They are highly intelligent and trainable, making them perfect for training and showing.

Size: Zwergschnauzers are small dogs that reach adult size at 1 year of age. Males weigh 6 to 8 pounds and females weigh 5 to 7 pounds. Height of the Zwergschnauzer is from 30 to 35 cm at the withers.

Coat: Zwergschnauzers have straight, coarse coat, which can be black, salt and pepper, white or black. The coat requires regular grooming, as it quickly becomes clogged and tangled.

Care of the Zwerg Schnauzer

Nutrition: Zwergschnauzers need a quality diet that contains all the necessary nutrients. It is recommended to feed high-quality dog food or natural food, which should include meat, vegetables and grains.

Hair Care: The coat of the Zwerg schnauzer requires regular care. It is necessary to comb regularly using a special brush to avoid tangling and formation of tangles. Also, regular hair trimming is necessary, especially in the ears and paws.

Exercise: The Zwerg schnauzer is a very active dog, and needs to get plenty of exercise. Daily walks and outdoor play with your dog are recommended.

Training: Zwerschnauzers are very intelligent dogs who are quick learners. Regular training and instruction of commands is recommended.

Breed Features

Friendly disposition: Zwerschnauzers are very friendly dogs who get along well with people and other animals. They are highly socially competent and easy to get along with others.

High Energy: Zwerg schnauzers are very energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise. They love to run, jump and play.

Low shedding threshold: A Zwergschnauzer’s coat sheds very little, so it leaves little hair on furniture and clothing.

What were the Zwergschnauzer bred for?

Zwergschnauzers were bred to hunt rodents, but nowadays they are widely used as pet companion dogs and show dogs. Dogs of this breed are highly socially competent and friendly, making them great pets for families with children. In addition, Zwergschnauzers are well suited for training and showing at dog shows due to their intelligence and quick trainability.

Top 10 facts about the Zwergschnauzer:

  1. The Zwergschnauzer is a dog breed that originated in Germany.
  2. The name “Zwergschnauzer” comes from the words “zwerg,” which means “dwarf,” and “schnauzer,” which means “ginger.”
  3. The Zwerg schnauzer was bred at the end of the 19th century to hunt rodents.
  4. Dogs of this breed have straight, hard coats that require regular grooming.
  5. Zwergschnauzers are very friendly dogs that are highly socially competent.
  6. The Zwergschnauzer has a broad skull and a strong jaw that allows them to bite and fight easily.
  7. Zwergschnauzers are highly intelligent dogs that learn quickly and respond well to training.
  8. Dogs of this breed are highly energetic and need plenty of exercise.
  9. The coat of the Zwergschnauzer practically does not shed, so it does not leave much hair on furniture and clothing.
  10. Zwergschnauzers are wonderful dogs that make great friends and loyal companions for their owners.


In conclusion, the Zwergschnauzer is a dog breed that has a cheerful and friendly personality, high social competence, and the ability to learn quickly. Despite their compact size, Zwerschnauzers need plenty of exercise and regular grooming. However, with proper care and education, a Schnauzer will be a wonderful friend and loyal companion for many years.