Leuretka (Italian greyhound)

The leuretta is one of the oldest dog breeds, which was bred in Italy in ancient times for hunting small game. Its ancestors are ancient gambling hounds, which were used as far back as Ancient Egypt and Rome. They were very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, especially in Italy and France, where they were used to hunt rabbits, hares and other small game.

Appearance and Characteristics

The Leuretta is a tall-legged dog breed that is slender, elegant, and beautiful. It has a short, smooth and shiny coat that can range in color from white and black to brown and gray. The leuretta reaches a height of 32 to 38 cm at the withers and weighs from 3 to 5 kg.

Character and behavior

The Leurette is a very sensitive and affectionate breed that is very attached to its owners. It loves children and can be a great companion for the whole family. Leurettes are fairly calm and peaceful dogs that do not like loud noises and noisy events. They are not prone to aggression and have a gentle and friendly personality.

Grooming the Leuretta

Grooming a Leuretta is not too difficult, as its short, silky coat does not require any special care. However, it is necessary to brush the dog weekly to remove dead hair and prevent the formation of tangles. Also, claws should be trimmed and ears cleaned regularly.

Leurettes are very active and energetic dogs that need regular exercise and outdoor walks. They run fast and can chase game, so it is important to keep them on a leash or in a fenced area.

In addition, leurettes are sensitive to the cold and do not like to live outside. They prefer to sleep on a soft surface in a room where they will be warm and comfortable.

How many years does a Leurette live?

The average lifespan of a Leuretta (Italian Greyhound) is 12 to 15 years. However, as with any dog breed, longevity can depend on various factors such as heredity, health, nutrition, care and activity level. Good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and timely vet visits can help prolong your Leuretta’s life.

Top 10 facts about the Leuretta:

  1. The Leurette is one of the most ancient breeds of dog, and its ancestors were used for hunting as far back as ancient Egypt and Rome.
  2. The Italian Greyhound is one of the smallest breeds of dog, weighing between 3 and 5 kilograms and reaching a height of 32 to 38 cm at the withers.
  3. Leurettes run very fast and can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. This is why they have been used to hunt small game such as hares and rabbits.
  4. Leurettes have a very gentle and affectionate personality, and they love to socialize with people. They can make great companions for the whole family.
  5. Leurettes are very sensitive dogs that do not like loud noises and noisy events. They prefer a quiet and peaceful environment.
  6. Leurettes are very clean dogs and do not emit a strong odor. They require minimal grooming and their short, silky coats do not dry out or fall out.
  7. Leurettes can live in an apartment as well as in a house with a plot. However, they need regular exercise and outdoor walks.
  8. Leurettes are very social dogs, and they need constant love and attention from their owners. They do not like to be alone at home and may suffer from separation.
  9. Leurettes are not recommended for families with young children, as they are very fragile and can suffer from rough handling.
  10. Leurettes are very sensitive to the cold, so they should be provided with warmth and a cozy place to sleep and rest during the cold season.


The Leurette (Italian Greyhound) is a very beautiful, graceful and ancient breed of dog that has a gentle and affectionate character. They love their owners and are great companions for the whole family. Leurettes require minimal grooming, but need regular walks and care to keep them healthy and happy. They are not recommended for families with young children or those who cannot provide them with enough attention and love. If you want a gentle and beautiful dog, the Leuretta can be a great choice for you.