Belgian Shepherd Teruvrain

The Belgian Shepherd Terwuren is one of the four breeds of Belgian Shepherd dog bred for shepherding work on Belgian farms. Today this breed is often used as a service dog in the police, army, customs and other services. The Belgian Shepherd Terwuren is a dog that is independent and active, and therefore not suitable for all owners.

Characteristics of the breed

The Belgian Shepherd Terwuren is a medium-sized dog that reaches a height of 56 to 66 centimeters at the withers and weighs between 20 and 35 kilograms. It has a coarse coat with a black mask on its face and chest. Like other breeds of the Belgian Shepherd Dog, the Tervuren is highly intelligent and energetic in temperament.

Breed Features

The Belgian Shepherd Teruvrain is a very independent breed that can be difficult to raise for untrained owners. It is not suitable for apartment living and requires an active lifestyle and daily training. The Teruvrain has high energy, so it needs long walks and regular exercise.

Breed Care

The Belgian Shepherd Terwuren is a dog breed that needs regular care. Its coarse coat requires daily brushing, and even more attention is needed during the moulting season. It is also important to check the dog’s ears, teeth, and claws regularly, and to hygienize as needed.

Breed Education

Raising a Belgian Shepherd Terwuren can be challenging and requires certain skills and knowledge. This breed needs strict but fair guidance, and does not respond in any way to harsh parenting methods. It is recommended to begin training and socializing the dog from an early age, using positive reinforcement methods.

Top 10 facts about the Belgian Shepherd:

  1. The Belgian Shepherd is a group of breeds that includes 4 species: the Malinois, the Terwuren, the Grunendal, and the Lakenois.
  2. Belgian sheepdogs were bred to work on farms and police stations in Belgium.
  3. Belgian Shepherds have a distinctive black camouflage pattern on their face that helps them hide in shadows and on dark surfaces.
  4. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is the most popular species in the breed group and is often used in security and search and rescue operations.
  5. Belgian Shepherds are energetic and hardy dogs that need an active lifestyle and regular training.
  6. Belgian Shepherds are highly intelligent and can easily learn complex commands and tricks.
  7. The Belgian Shepherd Terwuren is the most independent breed in the group and requires stricter training than other species.
  8. Belgian Shepherds are great companions for active people and families who can provide them with plenty of physical and mental stimulation.
  9. Belgian Shepherds can suffer from various diseases such as hip dysplasia and sepsis, so it is important to check their health regularly and bring them in for vet checkups.
  10. The Belgian Shepherd is a dog breed that requires a lot of attention and care, but for its loyalty and protection of its owners can be an indispensable helper in various areas of life.


The Belgian Shepherd is a dog breed that is highly intelligent and energetic, requiring an active lifestyle and regular training. They have an independent personality and can be difficult to raise for untrained owners. Belgian Shepherds can be used as service dogs and also make excellent companions for active people and families, providing them with loyalty and protection. It is important to remember that they need regular care and grooming, as well as vet visits for disease prevention. If you are ready for the challenges, the Belgian Shepherd can be the perfect pet and indispensable companion in your life.