The pug is one of the most ancient dog breeds, which appeared in China more than 2,000 years ago. They were the favorites of Chinese emperors and were bred specifically to guard imperial palaces. Subsequently, pugs became popular in Europe, where their high social status was supported by the French King Louis XV, who was also a fan of pugs. In 1860 the breed was officially recognized in England.

Breed Description

Pugs are small, compact dogs that have short, smooth coats. Their muzzles are round and short, with a nasal fold and large eyes. They have a straight back line and short legs. The pug is 25 to 28 cm tall and weighs 6 to 8 kg.


Character: Pugs are friendly and affectionate dogs who are very fond of their owners. They can make great companions for people of all ages and families. Pugs are highly intelligent and learn commands quickly.

Activity: Pugs are dogs that do not require much physical activity, but they should be given regular walks outdoors. This helps them stay healthy and happy.

Grooming: Pugs have short coats, but they need regular grooming to avoid overheating and skin rashes. Their coats need regular brushing and bathing no more than once a month. Their teeth and ears must also be taken care of.

Health: Pugs are a breed of dog that can encounter some harmful conditions such as respiratory problems, allergies and obesity. Therefore, it is important to monitor their diet and provide them with regular exercise. It is also recommended that the pug be examined regularly by a veterinarian.

Popularity of the breed

Pugs are a breed of dog that has become very popular around the world. Their friendly nature and pleasant appearance make them great family pets. They have also become popular with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Robert Downey Jr.

How long do pugs live?

Pugs typically live from 12 to 15 years. However, as with any dog breed, longevity can be limited by various health conditions such as illness, injury, and lack of care. Therefore, it is important to monitor the health of the pug, ensure he lives a healthy lifestyle, and see a veterinarian regularly for preventive exams and treatment of illnesses.

Top 10 facts about the pug:

  1. Pugs were bred in China more than 2,000 years ago and were used to guard imperial palaces.
  2. Pugs were one of the most popular breeds in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries thanks to the support of the French King Louis XV.
  3. Pugs are highly intelligent and learn commands quickly.
  4. Pugs love to be the center of attention and socialize with people, making them great companions for single people.
  5. Pugs are prone to obesity, so it is important to monitor their diet and regular exercise.
  6. Pugs can suffer from breathing problems, due to the nature of their muzzle structure.
  7. Pugs have an excellent social adaptation and can adapt to life in any family.
  8. Pugs are excellent guard dogs, as they will always protect their owner and his family.
  9. Pugs are very curious dogs, and they can spend hours exploring new smells and sounds around them.
  10. Pugs may bark and make loud noises, but they are usually not annoying, their voice just adds to the charm and character of this breed.


The pug is a unique and interesting breed of dog that is popular with people all over the world. Their friendly personality and pleasant appearance make them great family pets as well as great guards. It is important to remember that caring for a pug requires regularity and attention, but in return you will get a lot of joy and love from your pet. If you are considering getting a pug, you should definitely consider all its peculiarities and provide it with decent living conditions.