Langhaar (German longhair)

The Langhaar (German long-haired hound) is a dog breed that was bred in Germany in the late 19th century by crossing large German hounds with Irish hounds and mountain hounds.

Langhaars were bred to work as hunting dogs that can work in a variety of environments, including mountain slopes, forests, and desert areas. Their long fur serves to protect them from cold and injury, as well as providing good visibility over long distances.

Characteristics of the breed

Langhaars are large dogs with powerful bodies and long coats. They have a strong and muscular body covered with a dense coat. The height of Langhaars can reach 70-75 cm at the withers and weigh 30-40 kg.

The character of Langhaars is characterized by high performance and self-confidence. They are easy to train and can perform various tasks, such as hunting, searching, rescue and others.


Grooming of Langhaars does not require much effort, but regular treatments are needed to take care of their long coats. It is recommended to brush the dog’s coat daily to avoid tangles and lumps. In addition, Langhaars should have regular water treatments to keep their coats and skin clean.

It is also necessary to ensure that Langhaars get plenty of physical activity, as this is a breed that needs constant movement and exercise. Regular walks, games, and training will help keep your dog fit and healthy.

How long does a Langhaar live?

The average lifespan of a Langhaar (German long-haired hound) is about 12 to 14 years. However, as with any other dog breed, longevity can depend on many factors, including genetics, health, nutrition, care and living conditions. Following the Langhaar’s care guidelines, regular vet visits, and proper nutrition can help prolong your pet’s life.

How does the Langhaar treat children?

Langhaars (German longhairs) are friendly and loyal dogs that are usually great with children. They can make great companions for children because of their high sociality and patience.

However, as with any other dog breed, you need to teach children proper dog handling and never leave children unsupervised with a dog, especially if it is an unfamiliar Langhaar.

It is also important to understand that each Langhaar has its own individual character and behavior. Some may be more shy and dislike boisterous activity, while others may be more playful and energetic. Therefore, if you are planning to get a Langhaar, you need to pay attention to its character and make sure it fits your family situation and lifestyle.

If the Langhaar is socialized and raised properly, it can make a great friend for children, and children can enjoy playing with it in a safe and supervised environment.

Top 10 facts about the Langhaar:

  1. Langhaars were bred in late 19th century Germany by crossbreeding large German lapdogs with Irish lapdogs and mountain dogs.
  2. The name “Langhaar” means “long coat” in German, which reflects the peculiarities of the breed’s appearance.
  3. The Langhaar have high working qualities and are often used as hunting dogs.
  4. This breed is noted for its good endurance and can work in a variety of conditions – on mountain slopes, in forests, on the plains and in desert areas.
  5. Langhaars are very intelligent and easy to train, making them good candidates for a variety of tasks, including guarding and rescue operations.
  6. This breed is quite rare, and their worldwide population is quite small.
  7. Langhaars can reach heights of up to 70-75 cm at the withers and weigh between 30-40 kg.
  8. Although Langhaars can have long coats, they do not shed as much as other breeds with long coats.
  9. Langhaars can be very affectionate and very protective of their owners, so they can be great guards and companions.
  10. Langhaars require regular coat care, including brushing and bathing, to keep their skin and coat healthy.


The Langhaar is a breed of dog that has high working qualities, excellent character, and reliable health. They can make excellent companions and guards for those looking for a loyal friend. But, considering that it is a rare breed, before getting a Langhaara, one should carefully study all the peculiarities of care and requirements in order to provide the best living conditions for it.