Jagd terrier

The Jagdterer is a dog breed created in Germany in the 19th century. Their ancestors were mongrel dogs and hunting dogs used to hunt rats and other rodents. Jagdterers were bred to hunt wild boars, rabbits, foxes and other wild animals.

Appearance and characteristics of the Jägdterer

Jägdterers are medium-sized dogs that reach a height at withers of 33 to 40 cm and weigh 7 to 10 kg. They have a short, thick and stiff coat, which can be smooth or tin. Color can be black and white, pale, brown or combined.

Character of the Jagdterer

Jagd terriers are bold, energetic, and intelligent dogs who are very loyal to their owners. They can be a bit shy with strangers, but they are great for family life. Jagd Terriers love to run and play, so they are ideal for active people who spend a lot of time outside.

Care Features

Jagd Terriers don’t require much grooming, but they do need a weekly comb. They need a fair amount of daily exercise, as they are very energetic dogs. Walking, running, playing with a ball or Frisbee will all help keep them healthy and in good shape. It’s also important to keep their teeth and ears healthy, check them regularly, and remove excess wax from their ears.

Training the Yagd terrier

Jagd Terriers are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train, but require a rigorous and consistent approach. They are great for hunting training because their instincts and speed help them be successful in the field. They can also be used as search and rescue dogs.

The perfect companion for hunting and active lifestyles

Jagd terriers are ideal dogs for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. They are very loyal to their owners and love the outdoors. They are good for families with children, as they are very playful and affectionate. However, it is important to remember that Jagd Terriers require enough exercise and training to stay healthy and happy.

What kinds of Jagdterers are there?

There are two types of Jagd Terriers: hard-haired and smooth-haired.

The hard-haired Jagd terrier has a stiff, coarse and tough coat that gives it a rougher appearance. This type of Jagdeter was created to work in difficult hunting conditions, such as dense brush and rocky terrain. Their coat protects them from wounds and cuts as well as weather conditions.

The smooth-coated Jagdterer has a softer, smoother coat that adheres to the body. They also have a more graceful and elegant appearance. This type of Jagd Terrier was bred to work in more open spaces and on flat terrain.

Both types of Jagd Terriers have strong hunting instincts, are intelligent and easy to train. They also have an energetic and playful personality, so they can make great companions for active people.

What can I feed my Jägdteräre?

For the health of the Jägdterer, it is important to choose the right food and to monitor its quality. Jägd Terriers are active dogs, so they need a balanced diet rich in protein and carbohydrates that will provide them with energy and keep their muscles and bones healthy.

There are several options for feeding a Jagd Terrier:

  1. Dry food: this is the most common way to feed dogs. Dry food contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and is easy to store and dispense. But it is important to choose food of good quality, with natural ingredients and no artificial colors or preservatives.
  2. Natural diet: this is a way of feeding a Jagdterrier fresh, natural foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and grains. But it is important to remember that not all foods are safe for dogs, and you need to watch the balance of nutrients in the diet.
  3. Mixed feeding: this is a combination of dry food and natural products. This method provides the Jagdterer with a balanced diet that contains both natural and industrial products.

It is important to watch the amount of food and the frequency of feeding. Normally, a Jagdterer should be fed 2 times a day, but this may depend on his age, weight, and activity level.

Regardless of the feeding method chosen, fresh water should always be provided for drinking. It is also recommended to avoid giving the Jagd terrier food from the table, as this can lead to unwanted habits and even obesity.

Can I keep a Jägdterer outside?

Jagd Terriers are a breed of dog that was bred for hunting and outdoor activities. However, the decision of whether or not to keep a Jagd terrier outside must be made with a number of factors in mind.

The most important thing to consider is the climatic conditions in the region where you live. Jagd Terriers are a breed of dog that does not tolerate extreme temperatures very well, especially heat. Therefore, if you live in a hot climate, it is not recommended to keep the Jagdterer outside for long periods of time.

Outdoor living conditions should also be considered. Jagd terriers need plenty of space for movement and exercise. If you have a large fence and a large backyard, this may be an acceptable place to keep a Jagd Terrier outside. However, if you have a small fence or live in an apartment with no access to the outdoors, it is not recommended to keep the Jagd terrier outside.

Also, keep in mind that Jagd Terriers are a breed of dog that loves to socialize with people and live with a family. If you keep the Jagd terrier outside, he may lack attention and companionship, which can lead to depression and other problems.

Top 10 facts about the Jagdterer

  1. The Jägdterer is a breed of dog that was bred in Germany in the 19th century for hunting game and rodents.
  2. Jagd Terriers are very energetic and active dogs that need plenty of exercise and training.
  3. There are two types of Jagd Terriers: the hard-haired and the smooth-haired.
  4. Jagd Terriers have a strong hunting instinct, which can lead to problems with other animals in the house or outside.
  5. Jägdterers are very intelligent and easily trained dogs that adapt quickly to new environments.
  6. They are a breed of dog that requires rigorous and consistent training and education.
  7. Jägdterers are very loyal to their owners and need plenty of attention and companionship.
  8. They are a breed of dog that can be used not only for hunting, but also for other tasks such as search and rescue or working on farms.
  9. Jagd Terriers can live in a variety of environments, but require some care and training to stay healthy and happy.
  10. Jägdterers are a breed of dog that can be a great companion for people who like an active lifestyle and care about their animals.


Jagd Terriers are very interesting and curious dogs that are great for hunting and an active lifestyle. If you are looking for a companion dog that is loyal, intelligent, and energetic, then Jagdothers are the perfect choice for you. However, keep in mind that they require some care and training to stay healthy and happy.